25 days with One Direction


1.     1. When did you become a directioner?

2. Who’s your favourite member and why?

3. Your best memories about the boys?

4. Favourite song from Up All Night?

5. Favourite cover they have made?

6. Do you ever get jealous of Danielle, Eleanor or Perrie?

7. Which musicvideo is your favourite?

8. Favourite video diary?

9. Favourite tour diary?

10. A video with the boys that makes you cry?

11. What’s your favourite thing about Harry?

12. What’s your favourite thing about Niall?

13. What’s your favourite thing about Zayn?

14. What’s your favourite thing about Liam?

15. What’s your favourite thing about Louis?

16. What’s the best and badest things to be a directioner?

17. What is your favourite hairstyle on Liam?

18. Did you watch them on The X Factor?

19. Have you ever dream about the boys?

20. How many pictures do you have on your phone of the boys?

21. Have you ever cried over the boys?

22. Which is your favourite bromance?

23. Which is your favourite friend or family member of the boys?

24. Your first One Direction concert?

25. What the boys means to you.

Gör den här listan because yolo, haha nejmen tänkte att det kunde vara kul så ja, börjar imorgon. :)

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